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Club History

Rose Ventiere

On June 10, 2018 the annual year end soccer festival stopped for 30 minutes to honor a SCYSL life member, Rose Ventiere. Rose's dedication to our league for over 30 years is the single most important reason that it continues today. Her dedication to volunteerism, her unparalleled community involvement and her fabulous meatballs made her a legend in our community. We thank her husband Jerry, and her sons Eric and Damon for sharing her with us for so long. 

A bench was dedicated in her memory at the Bellport Middle School for all visitors to come and relax. It is how Rose offered up her home and her heart to all that knew her. 


Bellport Breakaway

      The South Country Youth Soccer League has been in existence since the 1980's and has seen countless teams and players come and go. While we have only recently started a list of past Travel teams and coaches, ever once in a while we do see a Bellport Travel team fight off the loss of players to other teams, other sports, roster rule changes and injuries to stay together from U9 ALL the way to U19 and reach great heights and achievements in competitions. One of those teams will be spotlighted here and that team is the Bellport Breakaway.

    The Breakaway was run by Coaches Sal, Kristen, Kelly, Ryan and Tony. While most of the time it was Sal & Tony, the trainers were numerous including Chris A, Tiff, Arda, Chris D, Nicole, Tom, Jamie, Brian and coach Chris D again. The players were numerous as well. A rough estimate of the players that Breakaway used over the 10 years is 50. This goes to show how much a Travel team changes over its lifetime.

    The "Breakaway girls"  won their first 4 games and it was indeed a sign of things to come. Winning several indoor & outdoor tournaments, travelling to Hershey, PA, winning several LIJSL division titles all while forming deep emotional friendships along the way. This was also fostered thru the countless fundraisers that the parents joined in, including the AppleBees flapjack fundraiser, car washes, Thanksgiving raffle sales, and selling chocolate bars.

   While the girls were more of a fun team than a serious one, they played hard when it counted. The culmination came in their last two years when they were able to advance to the LIJSL Premier division and persevered thru a 9 PK shootout over Massapequa to advance to the LIJSL LI Cup FINALS. While the game results fade with time, the memories & warm feelings you get when you remember a team that was so close do not. Bellport Soccer hopes that all of our travel teams & players are able to get that same feeling as you watch your "children who play soccer" turn into "SOCCER players" who happen to be children, young adults & adults.

Here is a group picture (or two) of the Breakaway girls and their many accomplishments:

Bellport Breakaway G2005

2021 Spring LIJSL Sportsmanship Award
2020 West Islip Indoor Tournament Finalist
2019 East Islip Fall Classic Finalist
2019 Fall Division 2 Champions LIJSL
2018 Long Island Classic Tounament Champions
2017 Spring Division Champions LIJSL
2017 East Islip Indoor tournament Champions
2016 East Islip Indoor tournament Champions
2015 West Islip indoor tournament Champions
2015 East Islip indoor tournament Champions
2015 East Islip Fall Classic tournament Champions 

Retired Teams List


Sal Arnold


Sara Rauch


Joe Mordente


Joe Donaghy


Anthony Griffin


Nate Montoya


Dean Hough

FC Bellport

Russell McCarthy


Guy Rauch


Brandon Py


Jen Hollmann


Ed Minden


Liz Bell


Adrian Gascon


Jim O'Neill


Chuck Maragioglio

Blue Falcons

Leo Amaya


Caroline Wilkinson

Strike Force

Steve Manitta


Russell McCarthy


Jamie Seubert


Chuck Maragioglio


Scott Curylo

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