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Club Mission

Out youth soccer program provides our players with a fun, age appropriate learning environment. We are committed to the belief that participation in soccer should be a privilege that is enjoyed by players, parents, coaches, and supporters alike, while giving everyone the opportunity to reach their Technical, Tactical, Physical, and Psycho-Social Potential.


Club Philosophy

We take a developmental approach, ensuring that we create both soccer players and fans for life, not just the calendar year. We encourage all players to be self-reliant and confident on the soccer field to express themselves without fear.At the youngest ages, this is done in small groups through a firm grounding of the fundamentals of soccer, maximizing contact and exposure to a soccer ball. As players grow, they are encouraged to work within the team environment, where they will develop a patient, possession based style of soccer that involves as many players as possible in both offense and defense. We also appreciate that soccer, and sport in general can play a huge part in the character development of our players. Therefore we will strive to instill the values of hard work, character, passion, and integrity to all players, parents, and coaches. 

Code of Conduct

South Country Youth Soccer League Players &
Bellport Travel Soccer Players Code of Conduc

1. Be positive, this is a VOLUNTEER activity for your child.

2. Remember - these are CHILDREN playing a GAME.

3. Please SUPPORT your child and their team, despite the outcome.

4. Refrain from instructing any players during the course of a game.

5. Set a GOOD EXAMPLE for your child and his/her teamates.

6. Refrain from commenting on the shortcomings of ANY player.

7. Support the coaching staff in their efforts to have a POSITIVE and ENJOYABLE experience for all.

8. Do not question or comment on any calls made by an OFFICIAL.

9. Discuss any concerns with your child's coach privately, away from the game.

10. CHEER for good plays made by EITHER team.

11. I understand that abusive, unruly or other inappropriate behavior may result in my being asked to leave the field and upon further review may result in my membership being revoked.

12. I understand that misconduct/inappropriate behavior by the sidelines can result in my child's coach being cautioned (yellow card) or removed (red card) by the referee which could result in substantial fines assessed to the coach/club and/or the game in question being forfeited.

For the sake of all children, please set a good example and encourage positive, appropriate behavior from the sidelines.

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