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Travel Practice Schedule

Winter Practice Schedule

  • Winter practice will start on January 9th 2023.

  • Travel teams have been given an hour of gym space per week.

  • Sessions will be coached by the team's regular SUSA coach.

  • There is no additional cost to attend these sessions, but only players that have paid their Fall training fees are permitted to attend.

Important information:

  • Please be respectful of the building and its facilities; no running or playing in the corridors.

  • Teams must leave the facility as they found it, with any trash/litter being thrown out, including unwanted water bottles.

  • Any spillages must be cleaned up.

  • The gym floors are hard wood, so indoor soccer shoes or sneakers are required. Strictly no cleats!

  • Players are expected to bring a ball and wear shin guards as usual.

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This practice schedule starts on August 29th 2022 and continues throughout the Fall Season.


Practices will take place at our Practice Fields at Martha Avenue Recreation Park. You will find directions here.


Where Holidays or inclement weather results in practice being canceled, the club will inform you via email and/or communication through the parent administrator of the team. That being said, we practice in any conditions in which our travel games would be expected to be played - that is rain or shine.

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Goalie in Action

Please see also our Goalkeeping Practice sessions that will be held this spring season. This is mandatory for all travel goalkeepers within the club. If players are interested in also participating or if parents have questions, they can contact Chris Day at or 516-757-4938 to enquire about participating.

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